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Moscow Business Academy is one of the leading business schools in CIS countries. It is also among the few of them who export our domestic MBA to the West and work in the global market

Each year hundreds of top managers and company owners get a world-class education and make new acquaintances

  • 11 yrs

    on the educational market

  • 9000+

    graduates all across the world

  • 25%

    of students are from far abroad

  • 150+

    international-level professors providing the programs

Conferences in Europe

We meet to discuss the most relevant topics several times a year

Students during a conference
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Foreign affiliates

MBA affiliates work in Moscow, Berlin, New-York, Tashkent, and Almaty

  • Campus
  • Expert is giving talk during conference
  • People are studying in campus
  • 5 000 м2

    total surface area of all campuses

MBA affiliates work in Moscow, Berlin, New-York, Tashkent, and Almaty

Students from all other the world

Students from more than 15 countries get their education in Moscow Business Academy, such as Russia, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Belgium, France, China, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, and many others!

Happy graduates
more than15countries

clients in Russia

Our experts' experience is used by many leading companies in Russia and CIS. Nevertheless it's valuable not only for large-scale, but also for startups and medium-scale companies

  • Head Hunter
  • RZD
  • Rosneft
  • Rosseti
  • Tatenergo
  • Toms
  • Sberbank Leasing
  • Lukom-A

Russian and foreign experts of the program

Learn from the unique foreign experts who adapted their experience for Russian market
Expert during a talk
Expert during a talk
  • Галочка

    They have implemented major projects on the markets of Europe and USA

  • Галочка
    Multi-stage verification

    They have passed Moscow Academy’s multi-stage verification and have teaching accreditation

  • Галочка
    International teaching experience

    They work in the leading world-class business schools

More than 150 international-level professors

  • Ряковский Сергей
    Ряковский Сергей

    Эксперт по стратегическому менеджменту. Автор многочисленных пособий по управлению персоналом

  • Ицхак Пинтосевич
    Ицхак Пинтосевич

    Эксперт по личностному росту и развитию бизнеса, почетный профессор университета «Синергия»

  • Коноплянский Дмитрий
    Коноплянский Дмитрий

    Основатель сети ювелирных салонов в Москве и регионах. Советник группы «НЛМК», «НК РОСНЕФТЬ»

  • Борисов Александр
    Борисов Александр

    Эксперт по бизнес-планированию, инвестиционному и финансовому анализу

  • Александр Додерер
    Александр Додерер

    Основатель и глава агентства по стратегическим коммуникациям GRUPPE DREI

  • Янник Траншье
    Янник Траншье

    Эксперт в сфере инновационного менеджмента, технологический брокер, предприниматель

  • Баранова Татьяна
    Баранова Татьяна

    Эксперт по деловому этикету и протоколу. «Про ЭТИКЕТ», основатель образовательного проекта

  • Дубовик Сергей
    Дубовик Сергей

    Специалист в области продаж и управления коммерческой деятельностью

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MBAcademy records its face-to-face lectures so that the students could get education without personal presence in our campuses
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  • 2021 year

    The newest program of 2021

  • 53 experts

    international experts

  • TOP 3

    we're in TOP 3 relevance of Russian business schools


Accreditation and licenses

Moscow Business Academy has all needed licenses and accreditation to graduate world-class MBA specialists
Accreditation Service for E-Learning Providers
Russian Association of Business Education
Moscow department of education
  • Our programs have been tested by the European accreditation commission ECICEL and fully comply with the standards. The presence of this accreditation guarantees the high quality of education at the Moscow Business Academy
  • Moscow Business Academy is also a member of Russian Association of Business Education and has a state license, which proves that our programs fully comply with the educational standards of Russian Federation
License of the Ministry of Education

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